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 Victims of Agent Orange Relief Act of 2011: H.R. 2634
To direct the Secretary of State to provide assistance for certain individuals affected by exposure to Agent Orange and the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to enhance the availability of medical care for descendants of veterans of the Vietnam era, and for other purposes.

This bill is important. Please consider this before writing it off with the notion “When I am fully compensated for Agent Orange then I will entertain the idea of helping the Vietnamese.” I too once thought the same thing. I am a daughter of a Vietnam Veteran who had five bypasses on his heart at age 38. I myself was born with multiple birth defects. I am missing my right leg below the knee several of my fingers and my big toe on my left foot. My father died of a massive heart attack well before ischemic heart disease was added to the list of presumptive illnesses. Many children of American Vietnam veterans are suffering with unexplained birth defects and illnesses.

Currently, the U.S. Government recognizes only Spina bifida in the children of male Vietnam veterans. There are many other birth defects and illnesses no one is looking at in our demographic.  2.8 million male soldiers came back from war and started families. Many Veteran’s wives suffered miscarriages, many of us who were born are disabled with diseases and illnesses with no known family history. We are struggling.

The Vietnamese have been researching and striving to help their Agent Orange afflicted children for many years the best they can. Let me say also, these are children in Vietnam being born today with dioxin related birth defects. When I traveled to Vietnam the first time in 2010 I thought I would see a bunch of forty year olds like me with birth defects. No, I saw infants with cleft palates, missing limbs, digits, the like. Dioxin is still in the soil there. Agent Orange is still carrying on its destruction. Our U.S. doctors could learn much from their research.

This bill sets up centers and offers health care to the American Children of Vietnam Veterans. Through the Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance we are discovering many of our Children of Vietnam Veterans are being turned away from their doctors being called crazy when they suggest their father’s exposure to Agent Orange is to blame. This has gone on long enough. We need help. Time is not on our side. We cannot wait till the “Perfect time” because like our fathers our time is running out. Agent Orange is a humanity problem not a this side or that problem. Please consider supporting this legislation.

Heather A. Bowser

This legislation will provide:

1. Medical assistance for the children and grandchildren of American Veterans who served in Vietnam. Many of whom were born with devastating birth defects. Currently, many children of Vietnam Veterans are suffering from devastating illnesses that have no family histories.
2. Health Care for Vietnamese- Americans and their children affected by Agent Orange.
3. Extension of the National Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Study to include the study of long term health problems in veterans.
4. Health care and social services for exposed Vietnamese people who live in poverty with little to no health care.
5. Remediation of the 23 environmental hot spots still left in Vietnam. In these twenty three places, dioxin levels are still very high in the soil. High dioxin levels lead to a cycle of continued devastating birth defects and illnesses in the children and people of Vietnam.


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