Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance, COVVHA, has set out to educate the world about the crimes Monsanto has committed against humanity. Monsanto and 6 other chemical companies have gotten away with murder for the last 50 plus years. Agent Orange, the chemical weapon herbicide used most predominantly during the Vietnam War to clear the vast jungles of Southeast Asia, was thought of as the advantage that the United States held over the “enemy.” Agent orange was a 50/50 mixture of 2,4, D & Dioxin tainted 2,4.5,T. The herbicide was manufactured by 7 companies.

Monsanto was so greedy to take the market share of the D.O.D.’s money, that Monsanto’s Agent Orange was at 1,000 times greater the potency than any of the other 6 companies. Due to trying to rush the manufacturing process, dioxin became an industrial byproduct in Agent Orange. Dioxin is second only to radioactive waste in its ability to destroy.

Many people are familiar with the devastation left in Vietnam from Agent Orange, from the scorched earth to the horrifying pictures of children with unspeakable birth defects. What most people are not familiar with are the millions of United States Veterans that were exposed to Agent Orange who ultimately returned home from the war with a death sentence. The US Government, and Chemical companies hid as veterans voiced concerns of their ailing health after the war.

That same death sentence was then passed on to possibly hundreds of thousands of American children that were conceived when their parents came home from war and started families. A generational serial killer, Agent Orange stores itself in the fatty tissue of the primary person exposed and then is thought to mutate the DNA of the conceived child causing many of the same birth defects, diseases, illnesses and ultimately deaths, as are seen in generations of Vietnamese. Hundreds of thousands globally have died including members of Children Of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance and will continue to die drastically before the average human lifespan.

After COVVHA was founded, just over three years ago, they felt it imperative to begin a database of illnesses and birth defects that we, the second generation, have been living with. To date, the list has grown to over 800 illnesses that many of the members are suffering from. Most have no prior family history. Additionally, COVVHA has a database tracking the illnesses for the grandchildren (third generation) as well. Yes, it seems Monsanto has poisoned the grandkids of Vietnam vets too. Neither the U.S. Government, or chemical companies will acknowledge the early death sentence they have given us.

COVVHA was founded by children of Vietnam Veterans who have been born, and live with, the debilitating birth defects that Agent Orange/Dioxin are presumed to cause. We want justice, answers and support for the generational victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin. You can imagine how horrified we are as, half of Agent Orange’s chemical compound, 2, 4,-D, and other pesticides like roundup, are the chemicals being sprayed on GMO crops, resulting in triple the danger of food that is not organic. Imagine what happens to a body already exposed to Agent Orange that consumes these GMO pesticides and foods. In a nutshell, Agent Orange was, in essence, the chicken before the GMO egg.

March Against Monsanto works diligently to make sure the public knows that the movement is not just about food. It’s about standing up to cronyism. Shortly after the first worldwide MAM event that was held one year ago today, COVVHA teamed up with MAM to build an Agent Orange Education program that now serves as a model example of awareness being spread across huge spans of different generations.

For the last 50 years, Monsanto has gotten away with this crime. If there is no unity between organizations fighting for Agent Orange justice and those fighting for the labeling & banning of GMO’s, how many more years do you think it will take before you see a change? The answer, can simply be only one…. TOO MANY.

We want the world to know that the company trying to dominate the global food supply, and telling you that GMOs are safe to eat, are nothing more than murderers who should be tried and convicted. Monsanto, will tell you that they were contracted by the United States Government and therefore should have no accountability for the travesties created by Agent Orange. In fact, as the largest producer of Agent Orange, Monsanto themselves knew that the chemical was deadly. Besides, even in the worst case scenario, It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there might be serious danger to humans if they are coming into contact with a chemical that turned lush green jungles into barren wastelands in a matter of hours. We are all fighting together to change that. We have rights, we have a voice, and we will be heard!

GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) foods are being produced in laboratories by the same chemical companies that mass produced Agent Orange.  As contractors for the United States Government, Monsanto was the largest and most deadly producer of Agent Orange.  Their chemical potency was one thousand (1,000) times greater in deadliness as compared to the other chemical companies producing Agent Orange during the Vietnam War era.

Today, half of Agent Orange’s chemical compound, 2, 4,-D, and other pesticides like roundup, are the chemicals being sprayed on GMO (genetically modified organism) crops, resulting in triple the danger of food that is not organic. Imagine what happens to a body already exposed to Agent Orange, like the countless Vietnam Veterans and their children that we at COVVHA advocate for, when consuming these GMO pesticides and foods. In a nutshell, Agent Orange was, in essence, the chicken before the GMO egg.

March against Monsanto (MAM) was created by Tami Canal, a stay at home mom from a small town in Utah. She was prompted to take action after her family’s ever rising grocery bill to ensure she wasn’t poisoning her family. Instead of staying angry, she channeled her energy into creating a protest to spread awareness of the atrocities being committed by Monsanto and to encourage boycotts. Her main objective is to ensure the health, longevity and fertility of her daughters, things Monsanto and their GMO poison threaten.

(COVVHA) Children Of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance INC.  has teamed up with March Against Monsanto and built an Agent Orange Awareness program that will prove to be a long lasting and far reaching campaign within both organizations.


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