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DIY Cleaning Recipes

DIY Household Cleaners Instead of Toxic Chemicals

Considering the world that we live in I thought it prudent to cover things that many people hardly think about. Or they consider them benign.They actually are not benign and many of these common household and beauty items are toxic.

You consider your dish cleaner, glass cleaner, carpet freshener, aerosol fragrances, fragrance candles, furniture polish, bathroom cleaners etc mostly safe right? Many of you do not blink before buying a bottle or a can of some cleaning product. But when you consider that you can make them yourself for less of a cost to your wallet, why not make it yourself? You could get your children involved with supervision and help them to learn what to do for their own future. Give them the power of self sufficiency.

If you say well I do not have time then you really have to ask yourself some questions:

1.Do you have time to get ready go to the store and go out purchase what you need every time you run out?

2.Do you have the gas money to continually go purchase more chemicals that could be causing health problems in your home?

3.Do you have the money to invest in your health that could be avoided if you just made your own instead?

4.Do you have the money to take your children or your pets to the hospital or the vet?

5.Wouldn’t it be easier to just plan ahead, buy what you need in a larger amount and make it yourself?

6.Would you truly be better off doing what you have always done?

Your health and that of your loved ones is more important that some company making money off of something that you can produce yourself. You can make it from ingredients that are not so worrying. Such as baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, orange oil, borax and castile soap? Would you worry as much if your cat or your child consumed some of this instead?

Would you rather they consumed things such as:

1.Carcinogens– Carcinogens cause cancer and/or promote cancer’s growth.
2.Endocrine disruptors – Endocrine disruptors mimic human hormones, confusing the body with false signals.  Exposure to endocrine disruptors can lead to numerous health concerns including reproductive, developmental, growth and behavior problems. Endocrine disruptors have been linked to reduced fertility, premature puberty, miscarriage, menstrual problems, challenged immune systems, abnormal prostate size, ADHD, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and certain cancers.
3.Neurotoxins – Neurotoxins alter neurons, affecting brain activity, causing a range of problems from headaches to loss of intellect

Pesticides. One of the most counter-intuitive health threats is that of products that disinfect. Common sense tells us that killing household germs protects our health. However disinfectants are pesticides, and the ingredients in pesticides often include carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. Pesticides are fat-soluble, making them difficult to eliminate from the body once ingested. Pesticides, including disinfectants, may also include alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs).

APEs. APEs act as surfactants, meaning they lower the surface tension of liquids and help cleaning solutions spread more easily over the surface to be cleaned and penetrate solids.  APEs are found in detergents, disinfectants, all-purpose cleaners and laundry cleansers.  They are also found in many self-care items including spermicides, sanitary towels and disposable diapers.  APEs are endocrine disruptors.

Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is commonly known as a preservative. Many people do not know that it is also a germicide, bactericide and fungicide, among other functions. Formaldehyde is found in household cleaners and disinfectants. It is also present in nail polish and other personal care products. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen.

Organochlorines. Organochlorines result from the combination of hydrogen and carbon. Some types are highly deadly, such as DDT. OCs are bioaccumulative and also highly persistent in the environment. OCs are present in pesticides, detergents, de-greasers and bleaches. OCs are also present in drycleaning fluids. OCs are carcinogens and endocrine disruptors.

Styrene. Styrene is a naturally occurring substance derived from the styrax tree. Styrene is most commonly used in the manufacture of numerous plastics including plastic food wrap, insulated cups, carpet backing and PVC piping. Styrene is also found in floor waxes and polishes and metal cleaners. Styrene is a known carcinogen as well as an endocrine disruptor. Exposure may affect the central nervous system, liver and reproductive system.

Phthalates. Phthalates are most commonly used in the manufacture of plastics. Phthalates are also used as carriers for perfumes and air fresheners and as skin penetration enhancers for products such as moisturizers. These chemicals are classified as inert and as such no product-labeling requirements exist for phthalates. They are endocrine disruptors and suspected carcinogens. Phthalates are known to cause hormonal abnormalities, thyroid disorders, birth defects and reproductive problems.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs are emitted as gases suspending themselves in the air. VOCs include an array of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects, and are present in perfumes, air fresheners, disinfectants and deodorizers. VOCs commonly include propane, butane, ethanol, phthalates and/or formaldehyde. These compounds pose a variety of human health hazards and collectively are thought to be reproductive toxins, neurotoxins, liver toxins and carcinogens.

Do these sound like something you want anywhere near someone you love? These are in many readily available products in your grocery.

The following link can help you to avoid some of these items.

My first piece of advice would be this. READ ALL LABELS. Learn everything and if you do not recognize an ingredient then put the bottle or jar or box down. Go home or search on your cell phone what it is. Because what you choose to bring into your home are going to effect you and your family. If you are already ill then this can only make things worse. The idea is to remove as many toxins as you can from your home. Remove them and give your body a chance to heal itself. Again if you say I do not have time then you must consider do you have time for health problems that could be avoided?

The best cleaner I have found personally was vinegar and orange oil. It is not hard to do at all. Get two jars and fill one mostly with vinegar. Leave some room for orange peels. Buy orange and eat them as you finish them save the skins and put them into the jar.Close the jar and continue on in your day. Do this for two weeks and remove the vinegar and put it into some spray bottles. Then throw out the peels and normally you will create a few bottles of this cleaner. I use mine to clean windows, surfaces anything that i can use to spray and wipe down. Yes it does smell like vinegar at first but once that fades you will have a clean surface. That is important and you have no lingering toxic cloud of perfume. Usually if it has a strong perfume it isnt good for you or your lungs.

Here is where I will include some recipes for cleaning products.

None of these are difficult to make and if you sit down and consider the annual cost of those chemicals that you are using. Now consider spending that money on items that are healthier i think it is worthwhile. You could go online and search for a bulk purchase store in your area. You could go to a grocery store and buy a big bag of baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice. Yes essential oils are expensive but you only need a few drops to make a quantity of cleaner. Well worth it i think compared to the chemical concoction sitting under your sink.

You can of course consider some of the ethical, natural and organic options of premade cleaners if you like too. Such as some of the ones listed on here.

I do think however that if you consider the time that you have more carefully and make them yourself you will end up in the long run spending the same that you would on common cleaners from the store. If you purchase them from eco friendly websites and store you may end up paying a bit more. So why not do it yourself? You can do that and tell your friends and encourage them. See taking the power into your own hands can make you feel good. You are in control of what goes into your home. Take that power back! :)

You will be amazed at what you can accomplish if you just stop and consider what you can do instead of focusing on what you cannot do. The power is in your hands to change your life. I believe that anyone can make a change in their lives for the better. So take some time and consider what you really are putting into your home.  Think about the effect it is having on your family. We all know the environment in the home is much more toxic than outdoors. So doing what I am suggesting can help to reduce that toxicity and give you fresher air to breathe.

 Quiescent Aureate Serpent
© 2014 (COVVHA) Children Of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance INC.  All rights reserved.
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With pretty much the biggest holiday approaching it seems we have another dilemma. One that should be identified and solved promptly. What to eat and how to avoid the lovely chemical concoctions that corporations would tell you are safe. Yet when they do not consume it themselves what are the food that you can safely feed to your loved ones? Well I am hoping by providing the following I can perhaps offer you some options to solve this problem.

According to various sources you can have a better chance if you just pay attention to labels. This means taking a little more time when shopping but look at the rewards for doing that. Barcodes can also provide you with information that can help you to avoid these types of scientific creations. They dare call it food. Well perhaps to a guinea pig it could possibly be called food.

Organically grown food can be your best bet when it comes to avoiding GMO’s. Generally organically grown food has a five digit barcode which begins with the number nine. Many GMO products begin with the number 8. So basically this means that a regular banana would have a sticker that might say 4011, an organic banana would say most likely 94011 and a GMO banana would usually have an 84011. This is not tedious when you consider that this is your health we are dealing with here. Your health and that of your family and friends. That should make it worth your while to take your time shopping and be more careful.

My personal advice is to avoid large stores like Walmart and try finding smaller stores, fruit and vegetable stands by the road, home deliveries of locally grown food. Perhaps try planning to grow your own food for next year.The smaller stores are normally killed off slowly because of the so called convenience of bigger parasitic stores such as Walmart, Target, K-Mart etc. It might seem to be you are saving money but you may be putting your health at greater risk by purchasing food here. Fruit and vegetable stands can offer great alternatives to what is offered in the stores. Home deliveries of organically grown local food an be more cost effective than you think. If there is not one in your area then perhaps you might consider sitting down and writing to local farmers and find out what they grow, how they grow it and if they might be willing to work with you. The universal rule I have found to be most true is that where there is a need there will be a service offered to fill that need.

I can already hear people groaning from the cost of organic foods. Yet consider for yourself the costs of the meal that you need and how much food you have left over. Why not make a smaller meal? Involve the children, family and any nearby friends and put them to work helping you to make things. You could get together with another family to cut the cost in half and try something new. Make new friends and have new holiday experiences rather than the same thing. Leading to the same headaches and possible heartaches. Look at what you spend the most money on and try some alternatives. Or try a smaller portion. A family does not need that much meat in order to get the protein that seems so essential. It is not a one sided nutrient only to be found in turkey etc. You may be surprised at the vegetable sources of protein that are available to you and are much more cost effective in feeding a large group of people.

For example one cup of oatmeal provides 6 grams of protein. One bagel and you get 9 grams of protein. I cup of beans and you get 12 grams of protein. Two tablespoons of peanut butter and you have 8 grams of protein. One cup of lentils can give you 18 grams of protein. The point is that I found this by doing a little research. You can find so much information I think the problem is knowing what to look for. So this is why I am offering you bits of information like this. Such as This is a great little blog that is offering a free thirty day trial right now. Following their link I found myself here They offer a search to see if the service is available in your area. It can be worth a try to help your health and those that you love.

I think that everyone should keep a diary of what they spend and where. This helps them to determine where they could make some cuts in spending. There is always something that you do not really need and can do without. Why pay for debt consolidation when you can do it yourself. Have a look and see what you can do without. Or what you can stop buying and instead learn how to make it yourself. I think people spend too much time taking on far too much themselves when it comes to this time of year. Put your family to work helping you. It helps to bond you together and to have a common goal. Also if you do not know how to cook and you have the internet then you have the world literally at your fingertips. Here are some links I found.











The point is that you can and should continually learn new things. If you have time for a favorite television show but you are stressed about the holidays looming up ahead then please consider what is important and what can wait. Learn something new it’s fun! You may also surprise yourself with what you can actually do. Do not let your doubts hold you back from trying something new. Trust me I cook with ingredients that only a year ago I looked at and had no idea what it was. So you can too :)

Now for those of you that love your phones and yes you are out there. Try this! It is an actual phone app that can scan and help you figure out what food is GMO potentially and what is not. I think that some of you that will remain in a hurry despite what I might advise could find this one particularly appropriate and useful.

Common ingredients that are GMO. Corn is one of the most widely used ones. 63% of corn crops contain GMO’s. High fructose corn syrup is one of the most commonly used ingredients in food now. It is not good for you and honestly you would be better off avoiding anything that has that listed in the ingredients. Canola oil is one of the most common GMO’s. Basically you are better off buying food at it’s most basic than risk the processed foods that seem cheaper and faster. They are cheaper and faster sometimes but what is that costing you in the long run?

This is a list that names companies and brands as being proponents of GMO’s. I advise that you have a look.

IF you take the time to look through the list above and find yourself worrying and wondering what to do. Then go to the following links below and use them as a guide to help you buy things that are not GMO.




These can help you to provide a happy and healthy meal for your family throughout the year. I really honestly hope that you will take the time to read this and learn more. To protect yourself and the future of our children. This is so important and such an important issue that you really should not ignore this. I want to see a day where there are no more GMO’s. until that day the least I can do is provide a means for you to find that food yourself.

Here are some recipes, opportunities, ingredients list, ideas and so on. These can be resources for you to know what to buy by name. What you can possibly do as an alternative to your normal holiday meal. Resources on where to buy GMO free food. I hope that these help you in your journey to the belly :)











I want to wish you and your loved ones a safe and warm holiday season. I wish you health and comfort. Joy and companionship. This world may seem bad at times but I can tell you that there are many things worth living for. There are many things worth fighting for. We shall do this one step at a time. Baby steps and soon you will find yourself at the doorstep of your goal.

Quiescent A. Serpent

© 2013 Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance

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Agent Orange Survival
Sometimes the world seems to be an ever widening circle of stressful events and health problems. When you look at the papers and the television it can sometimes seems overwhelming. Sometimes these sources of stress can come from your family or work. Meeting a deadline, making an appointment or sometimes just everyday stresses of living. You will feel anxious,tired,and might even have racing thoughts. This
combined with the PTSD that some suffer from and you have a recipe for anything but relaxing. It might seem impossible or overwhelming but relaxing is possible. Trust me on this.

Relaxation techniques can be very helpful in a world such as this. They can provide a quiet place for you to go which costs nothing.

Relaxation Techniques

1. Right Now: Right now is the only time that should focus on. How often do we find ourselves worrying about future events?  Giving in to anxiety about the future takes up a significant portion of our thoughts. But, to be honest, worrying about the future doesn’t help in any way. If you always live in the past or future you will never be able to relax. To be in a state of relaxation means living only in the now.

2. Your environment: Your environment is very important. Where you spend time has a subtle effect over your state of mind. Consciously we may not be always aware of this; however, you will notice that in some rooms it’s easier to relax and be at peace. Look at your room. Do you see a cluttered mess? Is there no sense of calm and peace already? If you try and relax here you will find yourself unable to do so because it will only serve to remind you of all this stuff you have yet to complete.

These reminders are a continual reminder of what you have yet to do. When you clean up these spaces and create a calming environment there, this will help you to relax. Carefully consider your money and do not worry if you buy a candle or some incense. This can help you to make a space for yourself.
3. Meditation: During meditation you are meant to find your center and calm your core. Words like this might be difficult to follow and I will explain further on.When you meditate the idea is to still your thoughts. Clear your mind. This does take time.A few weeks of dedication to calming yourself and paying attention to your breathing will make a difference. After a time you will find yourself automatically stilling and calming in an instant because you are willing this to be.

4. Look To Your Own Counsel:  Do you look at others as the source of knowledge? Do you consider other peoples opinions before you think of how you feel? When you allow the opinions of others to bother you or change your path in life, then you are giving them power over your life that is not theirs. You may not realize it but when you give in to what other people say or think you are going to subconsciously attempt to please them. But when you do this it is almost impossible to relax. You end up in a cycle of worrying about pleasing others and then you hardly have any time to relax if you relax at all. Therefore, we should develop an attitude of detachment to both praise and criticism.

This doesn’t mean we do not care at all of the viewpoints of others, it just means we must maintain control over what we allow to bother us. We must maintain our inner peace. Friends and family will always have their own viewpoints and opinions. What you must not allow is for these things to dominate how you feel. It does take time to do this of course. But if you are aware of it you can see how it influences your life, your choices and ultimately how you feel.

6. Take Time For Yourself! You should not allow yourself to be at the beck and call of others at all times. Seriously stop sometimes and breath and remember not to allow yourself to be overwhelmed ok? Thanks to modern technology and our loss of focus on ourselves we have created the perfect environment for stress to flourish. Put down your phone and turn it off for fifteen minutes or twenty minutes. Walk away from the computer and turn off the television and radio. These distractions, because this is exactly what they are, need to be put down once in a while.
Everyone has some time during the day that they can use to relax. Have a cup of tea. Stretch your body. Go for a short walk. Sometimes cleaning can be is for me :P

7. Make a Change in Your Life: The monotony and repetition of your daily schedule can be in itself a stress. Doing the same things over and over again sometimes I admit is hard to avoid. But come the weekend or the evening you can make some time to try something new. It stimulates the mind, provides interest and fun, which we all need. Take a chance and explore the world you are in. Staying in your house is not the only course of action. The internet can be a great resource for finding things to do in your area. Find something and just go do it! Seriously there is a whole world out there waiting for you to find it!

Learning Basic Meditation

I began thinking I could never learn to calm my mind. My thoughts were always going a mile a minute and it kind of drove me a bit batty to be honest. I would sit there and there is a thought…so I would try again and again and again until one time it finally worked. I would sit on my bad sitting upright in a comfortable way and close my eyes. I will share with you a video that helped me to no end. This is called a guided meditation and it can be great for people that have a hard time beginning. But once you learn you spread your wings and fly free.

This is Called: Remembering Who You Really Are:

This one is just a chill out video that I find particularly beautiful and hope you will like it as well.

Plain Meditation Music:

I will ask you to give it a chance. Sit quietly without distractions and if you have to, wear headphones to achieve this. Ask your partner for 22 minutes.Once they agree then please do this. Relax and let her guide you. It truly helped me and I will tell you that I cried the first time I did this and it was so calming and made me smile and I felt so good afterwards. I hope that you can get the same feeling. I felt like I had achieved something. Something I had set my mind to.

Finding your center I mentioned earlier. Here is a great article on how to do just that.

It is very important to do this to keep calm in a world such as ours.

The next thing I want to discuss is breathing. It is very important how you breathe. If you breathe from your chest and upper body then you are breathing from fear. You must learn to breathe from your stomach.

Both of these links can help you to learn how to breathe properly. Once I started doing this I found I was getting more oxygen and it is surprising how many people are in fact breathing the wrong way and thus adding more stress to their lives without even knowing it.

Getting caught up in this world and letting it bother you is something that you can control. You can relax and learn to find that tranquil pool inside of yourself and watch as the ripples calm down and become still. It is healthy and a beautiful thing to stop and look around. Find beauty that is right there in front of you and has been the whole time. You just needed to slow down long enough to see it and appreciate it. You are an amazing being all your own and you are stronger than you know. So try what I suggest and see how you feel at the end. If you have any further questions you can of course contact me and I will do all I can to help you.

We live on this magnificent planet and yet we forget how truly miraculous it is. This is meant for you my dear friend. This is meant to give you a change for the better. To help you harness some of the control you may have feared you lost a long time ago. You didn’t lose that you know. You just got so busy you most likely forgot. Slow down and listen to the music and remember who you really are. A beautiful being capable of great things. I believe in you have to believe in yourself. Hugs


                                                                                  © Children Of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance

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Agent Orange & Infertility – Issues all too common for children of Vietnam Veterans

Today my words are meant to help uplift, empower and heal you. I know the feelings written here personally and it has hurt me in the past. I would like to give you some helpful ideas on how you can help children. How you can have them be a part of your life. How you can help them to fulfill their dreams, goals and lives even if you cannot have your own.

Recently I lost another child and finally put into motion a means that I would not concieve again to avoid the pain. I wanted to have my husbands child so badly that I could almost see him already. I felt that he was almost here and I could reach out and touch him and change my life. It was a boy I know that and it tore me open. I cried for weeks about this and I just want you to know that I truly understand how hard it is. This was not my first loss of a child but this one hurt the most.

I have had my share of trouble conceiving a child and then when I could was not able to carry to term. I made some changes in my lifestyle without the intention of having a baby at that time. I got rid of all the chemicals and animal products and voila ..side effect I was pregnant. I was so excited and happy. Then I found out the truth about what was happening and in the end I kissed my child goodbye and told him through tears that I was so sorry that I couldn’t be the mother that he had chosen.

I dealt with that pain and came out the other end knowing that I am here for another reason. That as much as my whole life i heard things like *Oh my god you will make such a good mom* to *You are so maternal* Why can’t I help children or adopt them and give them a better life? Why can’t I be their teacher and inspiration? Why can’t I help other people who feel like i do? I thought about it for months and came to the conclusion that I could do all and any of these things that I wanted to. The only limitation in place is what you believe there is. You can accomplish so much more than you may even realize.

I think that it is very important to remember that you may not be able to have your own child. But there are millions upon millions that could benefit from the love you hold in your heart for the ones you cannot have. They are just there waiting for you to find them, to lift them up and out of their desperate circumstances. To show them a better world and a kinder heart than they may have seen. So long as your choice is kindness and love towards a lonely or hurt child it is a good one.

These links will be a road that you may choose to go down. Remember while you do that just as you may feel alone and without joy and love, there are many children that feel the same exact way that you do. You hold this amazing gift in your hands and it is called free will. You can choose to gift and uplift and show these young people that they may suffer and that life is difficult but it is also filled with surprising kindnesses and gentle loving people.

I try to think what the reasons could be as to why people cannot have children. There are so many it would take a very long time to cover even half of the reasons. But I think that while it is a heartbreaking thing to have to realize there is a reason I believe. We are here to help others. We are here to look at and find children that need us and just help them in any way we can. Mourn your losses and move on it is the best thing you can do for yourself. It may sound harsh but that is the truth. You are here for another potential purpose. Perhaps you are meant to be Father or Mother to the children of the world. Perhaps you were given a gift instead. One that could make a huge difference in the world. Have you considered that? :)

We are all here just floating around and sometimes we see something. We stop and look at it and examine it closely because it speaks to us. Loving other human being that may not be your blood is one of those things that passes by us. We should stop and examine it and see what we can do to help others and in doing so heal ourselves.

I have been amazed at how many things we can do to help children. We could just type in volunteer to help children and find out for yourselves what is out there. What we can do to make a difference in the lives of so many children that lack hope. Because they have been hurt so badly that they find trusting someone difficult. But if this is what you want to do then there is nothing stopping you from helping someone else. Imagine the power that you possess! You could change the life of another human being for the better!

You could volunteer at your local school. See if they need any help and do what you can. If you have medical problems and I know that many of you do then tell them your limitations. Many would be happy to have the help from anyone.  If they cannot work with you then keep trying and see what you might be able to start in your community. There is always some way to help others.

I am including as many things that I can find that you could go out and do for yourself. Helping others can help to heal your own suffering. That is a proven fact in this world. If you reach out and help another human being you heal a hurt inside of you. These children that you help will not forget you or the things that you do to try and help them. I know you are hurting inside and I understand and this is a way to heal what is ailing you and your heart.  Couples can benefit from this as well. Reach out and take a chance!

 Quiescent Aureate Serpent
© 2013 (COVVHA) Children Of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance INC.  All rights reserved.


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Fibromyalgia AGENT ORANGE WWW.COVVHA.NETFibromyalgia where to begin.

Where do you begin when you are feeling ill and overwhelmed with pain? When each movement is like some sort of agony, when stress can end your day and you spiral into another bout of pain. Getting out of bed can be a struggle and most days you most likely wish that you could just crawl back into bed and stay there. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Have you been wondering why do I feel this way? Why me? What have I done to deserve this? We can beat ourselves up over this or we can try to understand it. We can choose to give up or we can decide to take charge of our life and diet. We can crawl back into bed and wish it was all over or we can take some control back and realize that life IS worth fighting for. We can listen when people tell us it is all in our head, we made it up etc.

We can let the world bring us down or we can research, listen, learn, try something different. We oftentimes repeat our patterns over and over and wonder why nothing changes. In order for change to exist we have to try a new choice and stick to it. Fibromyalgia can become more bearable and I am living proof of that. Do you find that your skin tingles? Do you get muscle spasms? Weakness in your limbs or nerve pain? Do your muscles twitch or do you begin to find that good sleep is becoming more and more rare? Are you finding it difficult to concentrate? Do you suddenly find that either you can remember things that happened long ago and short term memories are disabled? Or is it the other way around for you? Did you used to be able to multitask like a pro and now you sit there wondering what you can do. Spend time doing that and before you know it your day is coming to an end and you are so tired and you go to bed. Then while you toss and turn do you turn to pills? All of these questions are linked to Fibromyalgia. We all feel this at some time or another. Some of us get all of these symptoms, some only a few.

So you have just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and you are terrified and overwhelmed and full of questions. You looked into the eyes of your doctor and found little help there. It is frustrating and sometimes you will cry. You might come home and look up on Google this  then you will read it. You might even read between the lines and realize that this is just a name for something that they do not really understand at all. That is when you got a little angry, when you realized that your doctors were practically clueless. That they wanted to throw pills at it and then hopefully you would leave them alone. For some a prescription for Lyrica works.You pray and hope and sit nervously in your chair. This is supposed to help you, you look at that bottle like a potential saviour. You might think that with this pill you just might be able to feel normal again, or at least to some degree. Right? Well the chances of it working are just like any other pill. It may or may not work.

One thing that you may have noticed having Fibromyalgia is that not only are you more sensitive physically. You may also find loud noises unbearable. Strong smells bother your olfactory sense as well. So on top of everything else your other senses may go into overload. Even spicy food is a bit too much for some people. Add in the extra strong senses into the situation and it can make most mundane tasks more difficult. It is a bit like being the most sensitive person in the world. You may wonder why you did not get your cape and outfit if you are going to have super anything. You might ask why you cannot at least fly along with super senses.

Treating Fibro can and should be more than just a pill. Pills treat symptoms but they do not cure. So this means that the root cause is somewhere either inside of you or around you. I am suggesting that you look at the inside of your home and inside of your body. Your home can be hiding many toxins that can only make you more miserable. This website goes on to speak about this. Chemicals are not going to help you at all. Whether it is a glass cleaner or a surface cleaner be very careful of chemicals. There is a way to make your own homemade cleaning items that work just like those cleaners bought from the store. The benefit of this is that you can eliminate not only chemicals that are having an effect on your Fibromyalgia symptoms, but also you are getting rid of chemicals that are harming your family too. People buy these items without thinking. Sometimes they do not even read the labels. You have to begin to read labels and take responsibility for what you are bringing into your environment. These take a toll on your health.

You may wonder how to make household cleaners or something that will clean your bathroom etc. You may also buy home fragrances, air fresheners, scent warmers or scented candles. The trouble with many of these is that they are chock full of synthetic scents etc. You should not be exposing yourself to things like this. This teaches you how to make your own. It is not hard at all once you get used to this. Not only that but doing this thoroughly around your home when you have the energy can really help you. If you cannot do it find someone that can and ask for help. Do not be ashamed to admit you need help. You are sick and you deserve understanding and compassion. Once you get this done then your home will not smell as bad. The vinegar does fade away leaving a clean surface. Plain candles can be substituted for those chemical nightmares.

You also need to take a long look at what you are eating. This is no joke, this is your comfort and happiness here. You need to look at everything that you are eating and get rid of anything that is overly processed. You would be wise to seek out food in its most whole form. Instead of frozen potatoes or powdered ones buy the fresh ones. I know that Velveeta tastes good but it is nothing but chemicals and food colorings really. If you are going to eat cheese then make sure that you eat it sparingly and try to spend a little more and get real cheese. The same goes for sodas of all kinds. Sodas are not worth it. I know they taste good, but is it worth your health? Really consider this please. You may be saying but it tastes so good, or only a little bit can’t hurt me. A little bit can hurt you. Getting rid of processed foods and sodas is step one.

Continuing on with diet, there have been studies done. There are clear links with a plant based diet and improving of symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Your author is on a plant based diet and has lost weight and symptoms have become better over time. Remembering how bad it was and where it is now, things are better. This is something worth looking at. There are many many places that tell you fish will help. I advise against consuming fish vehemently.There are studies coming out right now showing that mercury contamination is much higher than previously believed.

Sleep is a very big issue with people suffering from Fibromyalgia. Sleep comes rarely and you wonder when it will come by and visit you. It becomes that thing that people talk about and you hear but seem to almost never experience. You toss and turn add pillows and finally you will sleep after tossing enough. When you wake up you may feel like you have been wrestling with sleep rather than sleeping next to it. This does not help you when all you want is sleep, some peace from the constant pain.  This article goes over some of the problems found with patient suffering from this.

Now I will cover medical marijuana uses for people with this.It can be said that the author uses this for medical reasons and it has helped tremendously. Each person makes their own choices and finds their own path. Personally, this coupled with a plant based diet and complete elimination of household chemicals and processed foods have helped. Symptoms are much less than they were which of course does tend to cause worry. Because it makes you wonder how bad it would be if these measures had not been taken. It is not so much pain relief as a disassociation from your pain that it provides. It makes it feel slowly less and less until your pain becomes easier to deal with.This is what most people that suffer from Fibromyalgia usually lament. They will say “I wish I had one day without pain, that would be nice, Or that would be a gift”  or they will simply lay in bed and cry wondering why they are suffering so much from something that even the doctors wonder about. These things do not inspire confidence or peace of mind.

Herbal relief can also be something else that you can incorporate into your regimen. Now they do say that you should consult your doctor before you begin taking these supplements. Personally, I would make sure that my doctor knew and was open to the idea of herbal remedies. Many doctors seem to be against herbal remedies opting for the more standard western practices. So please be forewarned and forearmed. I am suggesting that you research it and try to find a homeopathic doctor in conjunction with your regular doctor. Just to make sure that you are not getting a biased opinion.

You can also try alternative therapies to find relief from your symptoms. There are many things that you can do that do not involve taking a pill, getting surgery of some kind, etc. Massage does help with the pain aspect of this. While massage is expensive for some it is possible to just do it yourself. You can give yourself a massage and relax somewhat if there is nobody to help you with this. You could also save up to buy a used massage table that you and your partner can use. You do not have to rely on a professional for the rest of your life. You can get books and begin to practice gently on your partner and eventually it can be something that you can share with your significant other. Acupressure and acupuncture can be very helpful as well. Read more about various other things that you can look into.

Remember, you can be your own worst enemy if you do not watch what you say and do carefully. Do not pay attention to others that show you no patience at all while you suffer. The following is an article on ten things that you should stop doing to yourself.

Ways of coping are very important tools. Sometimes perhaps write yourself small notes when you are feeling good. Then keep them stashed away somewhere for when you are feeling bad. When you are having a bad day read what you wrote and remember to smile even if you do not feel like it. You can fool yourself into being more happy over time if you just continue to smile.

Finally I want you to repeat after me. This is not my fault and I am a beautiful worthy person. You deserve to be happy and have enjoyment in life. This can feel like a heavy burden but you can find ways to lighten the load. My advice comes from living with Fibromyalgia myself. I know what it feels like and how hard it is. So just know that this advice is coming from someone that does indeed know how you feel. Find something that you enjoy doing that helps others. There is a joy in helping someone that cannot possibly pay you back for your kindness, but it brightens the world. You can smile and find joy and hope and a reason to go on. Life is beautiful and you are not alone.

Quiescent Aureate Serpent

©Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance

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Dear readers I want you to know that the holiday season is upon us. It comes in many shapes and forms and encompasses the whole of the world. There are many different colors of people and religions and beliefs as a whole. There will be different food and different ways to eat it. There will be themes that we might not think of ourselves. There may be songs we do not normally know or hear being sung in remote parts of this beautiful world that we live in. There will be dances that we do not know and might watch with curiosity.

We may not fully understand all the holidays all over the world. But that is OK. The idea is not to understand all of the differences and traditions that may not make any sense to us at all. The point is that we understand that people all over are sharing the same body that we have and soul and heart and mind and breath. It is important to note that we all hunger for love and companionship and warmth. We all of us desire to get along and find a way to make this world flourish with all of us inside of it. We all hope for a good future for our children and a warm home for them to live in and be safe from harm. We all pray or meditate or think of others in time of need and in times of plenty. We think for a moment of someone we miss because they are no longer here in physical form. We all know that somewhere someone is sad and wants to help. To me these are universal truths that surround us all.

This year I want to share an idea with all of you. This is in my heart and it gives me warmth and comfort and hope. I want all of you to see this world as one living breathing organism. I want you to remember to love and give all year long and forever try to remember the positive. Focus on the joyful moments in your life and try to give to others. There is a giving loving person inside of everyone. Even if you suffer yourself you are not alone. You have family somewhere. They may not share your blood but they share your humanity. They understand the basic needs of each person. So I ask that you remember these unifying truths. I want you to remember that you can do good or you can do harm but the choice is eventually up to you.

For every horrible thing that happens and is shared through the news media remember please..That for every one of those there are plenty of good things happening. Do not allow the world to overwhelm you with the spectacle of the media. Look for the good in the world. Find the stories that give hope and love a chance and succeed. Step away from the stereotypes and harness that light within you and share it with everyone. Do not let the world dim your light inside. Walk away from stereotypes and remember the truths that you see and know in life. Whenever someone makes a joke at the expense of anothers pain do not feed into it.  Help all those that you can and do good.

You are capable even when you feel your worst moment is upon you to help another. Small things can become great big amazing stories to share with your grandchildren and friends.  When you have more give to others. Play with your children and hold your loved ones. Know that around every corner is a potential friend or someone that can teach you many new things. Every single person is put in your path to teach you something. What you take from that experience will be up to you. Someone may come into your life and cause you problems but in doing so they teach you to look for trouble and how to avoid it. How to become stronger and yet deal with things fairly. Or they may be there to teach you patience. But regardless of what they teach you they were put in your path for a reason. Try not to forget that.

This season I want you to recognize that we are all one humanity one consciousness sharing this planet together. Find reasons to come together instead of giving in to things that may tear you apart. Be good to everyone year round and know peace. Know that I am writing this because I love you and I want you to know the same love and hope that I do. Things can get hard but remember there is always something that you can do to make a change for the better. Do not let your emotions tangle you and mislead you. Love love and love some more. Make the world a brighter more loving place.


 © Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance

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The world is changing with each moment that we share knowledge and awaken more sentient beings to the truth that is coming to pass. Within my mind lay many stories, insights and perspectives. Some may not have understood before pen was put to paper. But afterwards they were not left with doubts but truths. Each writer is their own truth teller, they shed light in different ways. But they share their light with us all. I have my own light and yet lighting the way for you does not diminish me in any way.

When I was younger I felt as if I were in the wrong place growing up. Things my parents tried to teach me I questioned and found some things were truth but not most of the time. I watched my father a Vietnam marine veteran never show his true feelings. I watched him never quite get going in his life. It seemed he constantly had thoughts in his mind and yet didn’t seem able to express them. So they lingered. But each time a movie would come on showing the war he had been a part of, I watched my father cry and that was unbearable to me.It is difficult to see anyone who has suffered cry. Yet my parents were hard people to live with. They did not understand me at all. So I found solace in books, within their pages I could be apart from this place that hurt me so much over the years thanks to the abuse of my parents. Then over the years I picked up pen to paper and found comfort and satisfaction there as well. My first writing spawned a parent teacher conference. The teacher could not believe I had written my first piece and wanted to know if I did in fact do it and if I was quite a stable child.

Growing up was difficult after my teen years as the world was completely new to me. Being the child of very controlling parents I had to learn many lessons the hard way. But it did not stop me from, Graduating, joining the military and making something of myself over time. In the military all was well and yet I had learning disabilities and could not pass a written exam. Even though questions posed to me proved I did in fact know the material. So I was dismissed from the Air Force for a learning disability. Then over time I gained employment again and more health issues cropped up. Then more still and more until the list of health problems exceeded a single page and in fact covered many pages.

As children of Vietnam veterans we are a product of a companies greedy intentions. These abominable diseases that we suffer from are numerous and slowly over time a pattern has emerged and a database is growing. The voices will get louder and I am very proud to lend my hand to the fruition of the dreams of Miss Kelly and Miss Heather. Thank you for allowing me to be a help along our journey to justice.

© Copyright 2012 Quiescent Aureate Serpent
Children Of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance

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There is inside each of us a warrior.  There is also the spark of change.  Within that warrior heart lay the seeds of change.  We do not sit idly by and do nothing.  We are making people aware of the truth of Agent Orange.  We breathe life into something that the corporations and the government want to be forgotten.  We rewrite those history pages with fresh ink.  We leave our own mark and in the writings of truth there are lives lost and lives gained.

Within our warrior selves we know the truth when we hear it.  We know it when the stench of lies hit our tongues leaving a thick residue of perpetual idiocy.  We know what to believe and within the boundaries of this group we are given that chance.

The chance to flourish.

The chance to spread our wings be they mangled or not.

The chance to be heard and never forgotten.

The chance to fight for something that touches us and those we love.

The chance to be given dignity among our peers.

The chance to stand up strong even while invisible hands support our efforts.

Change comes from knowledge given and processed into our minds.  Where within those boundaries of our minds we find the fences being smashed down with this knowledge.  The fences that we may not have even known were there.  We knock them down.  We walk into this group only knowing that we hurt.  That we are sick but not always why that is.  We find community and others just like us.

In finding this, we find out that we are not alone.  That our aches and pains and troubles are founded on something.  We now know who to focus on thanks to the founding members of this group.  We have them to thank for this knowledge and growing intelligence.  Our coming together is going to be a step that will never be forgotten.  Each step that we take makes those corporations wonder and then worry and finally quiver with the inevitability of their demise.

I watch what we do and I sit and ponder all the suffering.  I see humanity’s greatest examples among us.  We support one another and never seem to have an end to the positive affirmations and helpful advice.  To those that suffer right now I wrap you in a warm hug.  To those that find that they feel good for the day then I bless you with many more. You deserve peace and calm and a lack of pain.

You have suffered enough.

Children Of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance Member Original
© Quiescent Aureate Serpent

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Thanks to you Monsanto,
I have to watch the woman I love
My first, and only love..
Howl in pain everytime she lays down.
Watch the taint stretch tendrils into every moment of joy we share,
behind her eyes, the beautiful jewels, an ever present hurt.

Even when she smiles, she is in pain..
Even when she laughs, she is in pain..
Even when she cries, she is in pain..
Even when we make love, she is in pain..
Even when she sleeps, she is in pain..

However, we will not let it win.

Thanks to Monsanto we cannot have a child,
This isn’t true, we can have a child..
There are thousands of children awaiting adoption.
We can give them the love they deserve.

Monsanto cannot win.

We can’t have a single day without the lurking beast of agony,
So we try and keep him occupied, though he never goes away..

We fight every day, and every day makes us stronger.
Every day brings us closer.

It is not easy having to watch my love tremble and whimper
just trying to relax into a sleeping position.

It is not easy having to watch as she half-wakes during the night
Even while sleeping, she moans in pain, “Oww.. no.. no.. I hurt…”
Then all falls silent again, all the while I hug her, it is all I can do.

All I can do is offer myself completely, and hope it is enough.
All I can do is be there by her side..

In the morning, there are some days when I am afraid to wake her up,
for while she slumbers, she is quiet.. but I know when I wake her
She will begin the torture of coming back to consciousness.
Awaiting the cries that rip through the air.
I get the pills ready and a glass of water
I take a deep breath and wake her

Every day

The pills do not make it go away.. they make it less
pervasive so, it doesn’t bring tears to her eyes when she moves

I am sorry I cannot do any more than give everything I have..

I will love you forever

Thank you for showing me love

Together we will fight this, together we stand strong

Nothing they can do will take us apart!

We are the lucky ones.. a lot of people have it worse

We are grateful for life, and love, and share it freely

Dedicated To Q.

© Alexi Warrington

Children Of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance

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‘Why?’ asks a small child when she looks to her mother holding up a small stump of an arm. Not understanding why. Her mother simply stares vacantly as she does not understand what has happened to her children. She has lost so many. She is a Lady in a village miles from what we know as familiar territory. ‘Why?’ asks a little girl of her father as she watches him yet again suffer through a spell that she does not understand. With small hands she reaches out to comfort him and does not understand. Her father does not really know. He has an idea but feels hopeless. Two victims among thousands upon thousands that are the remnants of war. War based on what? All we hear are the drums of war and watch as our strong and young stand up to be counted among those that feel it is their duty to stand with their country. To protect it in times of war. They have these gossamer dreams of glory and perhaps anger unfounded towards a people they do not even know. Duty, Honor, Valor, Strength, Patriot we hear. Pounding in our ears again and again until it becomes the silent diatribe of a people that do not know why only that it is a threat. They look upon their loved ones. They look upon their young wife carrying their baby and smile and say ‘I have to, I will come home and it will be ok’ She doubts but loves him enough to know that he feels he is doing the right thing. Across the ocean in an unknown country a father hears the drums of war and finds that he may help these foreigners to win against an unknown enemy. So he goes to help. He may be a translator, he may be a friend, his place is not determined yet.

The war rages and the pundits speak of these words again Duty, Honor, Valor, Strength, Patriot and we hear it but our belief begins to waver. What do we truly know? We hear of defeats. On the television, our god, we see boxes filled with the remains of the honorable dead. We mourn. The mothers cries can be heard through the hearts of any that hear it. She cries out ‘WHY?’ in an anguished wail. WHY? She only knows that he son is dead. Men walk up to a door and they knock with trepidation and when the door opens and he speaks..the bring of death sometimes he must catch those he speaks to. For they cannot stand anymore hearing news of a loved one dead. Their eyes fill with tears and they know only sadness. Some come home and they are broken men. They miss limbs and sanity. Their eyes are filled with ghosts of atrocities and a chemical unknown to them grows inside of them as they put their arms blankly around their loved ones. Sometimes they are whole and just haunted in their minds and they make love to their wives and girlfriends. Not knowing, not told, not warned of the time bomb of illnesses awaiting their progeny. In the small villages the men and women return home. Some broken like ours and their mothers hold them and weep for their injuries. Sometimes the wails wake you up in the morning as you see the bodies of their loved ones. But it is nothing compared to the wails to be heard at the birth of their children. This keening sadness and hands raised to the sky begging.. ‘WHY ?!’ They hang their heads and weep. Thank you Agent Orange. Thank you Monsanto. Thank you Pundits in a foreign land.

The pundits do little or nothing for the troops when they come home. Perhaps a photo op for the paper where the troops are abused. Because nobody understands. They know it is wrong. They know that it should not have happened. These men are broken and forgotten. But the next generation is simply forgotten..their children are born with afflictions sometimes seen. Sometimes not seen. The drums of war are colored orange and gleam to the heights of the trees whom they defoliated to show an enemy that was not there, not really. Yes this gleaming product in a can unmarked and used by unsuspecting troops and native people alike. Why? Why? WHY ! This is the question that forms in the minds.Upon the tongues of those now suffering they ask one question.. ‘Why?’ The answer oh it is nothing. Oh here take another pill. Oh wait no health insurance. Well then give me money. Give me money so I may not heal but will support the symptoms and never free you from this disease.. oh no wait it is all in your mind. Smile for the camera Mr President as he shakes your hand and calls you a hero. While inside you feel your whole world crumbling around you like dust sifting between your fingers as you know. The eyes of those children left behind linger in your mind and here you are a hero? Silently the chemical company stands behind in the shadows..smiling.

Why? Because they are inhumane and do not care. Why? Because of money. Why? Because they hope to silence the voices. I say that why are they allowed to profit off of the deaths of so many? I say why are they not being held accountable and being held up to standards of humanity? I say why do we not shine a light into the shadows where they like to hide? Why not show them the destruction they left in their wake grabbing for money money money money…all paper burning to ashes just like their empty words filling the mouths of those that still suffer the indignities of their pain every single day. Why? Because we are human beings. Why? Because we will stand up for what is right. Why? Because we are not invisible. Why? Because we will not be ignored.

© Quiescent Aureate Serpent 2012
Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance Member

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